I bet you’re wondering,
“how does this stuff all work?”

Each year, I take on a select number of weddings, so I can give couples my full creative attention in bringing your vision to life. Every event we design is based on your unique story so I’m afraid, no, we won't be doing what Becky did last year.

I love getting to know your love story, your ideas, favorite things, what inspires you, and from there, I deliver a customized proposal. Once approved, you will get a personalized visual inspiration board with a tailored design plan.

Your flowers will come from local sources, using nothing but the season's freshest and prettiest blooms and foliage! I am constantly on the look out for something unique or special to incorporate to your designs.

Just think of me as your ride-or-die-sister-friend who has your back and is always acting on behalf of your best interests. You can be rest assured that I will be by your side throughout the whole creative process for a totally stress-free and streamlined wedding planning experience. 


Our turnkey wedding planning services are best suited for couples who wishes to be present in their season of engagement and not stress over the millions of decisions. Our priority is for your wedding day to showcase a true reflection of yourselves and our main goal is to foster a memorable experience throughout the wedding planning process and execute your event in the way you’ve always dreamed of.

02.wedding planninG + Day of coordination

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” (Leonardo da Vinci) - a quote by which my floral design style often follows full heartedly. I believe in combining classical blooms with seasonal foliage, guided by its natural characteristics, creating both perfectly unstructured designs as well as unique aesthetics. We are inspired by you and your story and understand the importance of creating a beautiful setting that ultimately reflects you both and set the tone for a meaning celebration.

01.Wedding florals

So, Are we doing this?

AMAZEBALLS. I can't wait to get to know you two and I'm so thrilled you've chosen Novelty Rose to plan and design your wedding! To book, we require a signed contract and a 50% non-refundable retainer. BUT FIRST, COFFEE. Seriously, no serious talk until we go out for some cappuccinos and we agree on the perfect proposal! Contact me today so we can do this thing! 

I'm ready to do this! What's next?

Why, of course. Feel free to reach out for our pricing guide! But just to let you know, we offer discounts to combined services (just sayin')

Can we book you for just one service?

Ummm, HECK YES! I absolutely love destination weddings. I can create a custom destination package to fit me in your wedding plans. So if you need me, I'll be packing my bags! 

Do you travel?

I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to create each day right out of my lovely home studio - which is a win-win for both of us since: less overhead costs = more to go toward your designs! I am more than happy to meet you at a local coffee shop so we can chat over your favorite caffeinated drink. I also do phone/ Skype/ FaceTime consults for those of you who are not local!

Is there a studio I can visit?

There are no minimums for our Partial Services (pick-up by client) but for our Full Service floral designs, we have a minimum budget requirement of $2000. Just to give you an idea: estimates for average size weddings in Dallas of approx. 100-150 guests typically start between $2500-$3000 and large events with installations and guests count of around 200+ typically start from $3500- $4000 - but everything is ultimately based on your needs and wants!  

Do you have a minimum?

Hiring someone to plan and design one of your biggest days is a REALLY big deal. So let’s get to know each other and see if sparks fly! This is where we’ll meet up for a cup of coffee or glass of bubbly and talk about your dream wedding. Not local? Skype works too #virtualtoast

After hashing out all the details, I will send you a custom proposal to show you how we can meet your needs and your target budget. Don’t be afraid to make changes or adjustments. This is your wedding, I want you to love it.  

Nailed the proposal? Let’s get you sign the dotted line so we can get that proposal come to life! Now that I’m your official wing-girl, we’re ready to get this party started.

Let's go already!