Your Wedding Flowers Simplified!

NOVELTY ROSE | 26 January, 2021

            Novelty Rose Wedding Flowers

IT. IS. HERE. FRIENDS. I humbly bring you - the Novelty Rose wedding flower collection AND a brand-spanking new website. I mean, what better time to revamp and change up my ENTIRE business model than in the middle of a pandemic, while trying to plan my own wedding for the THIRD time, am I right?!

To be honest, the perfectionist in me is kind of making me want to throw up at this moment, but one of the biggest thing I have learned while bootstrapping a business is to start before you're ready and that sometimes done is better than perfect. And despite my tendencies of throwing myself down the rabbit hole of life-swallowing-negative-BS and my irrational worry for the unknown, my heart is beyond happy to share this imperfect - perfect journey with you.

Although I’ll keep the long version of my why’s and all the mushy sentimental stuff for another day, through this mini rebrand, all I wish is for our couples that have gone through or is going through similar heartaches from COVID - in whatever shape, form and gravity - that you will be accommodated and cared for just the way Chad and I wished we could have been treated in this season of life.

So without further ado, starting today, you can expect to see:
1. Classic and intentionally designed wedding flower collections that will never go out of style.
2. Transparent costs - so no more guessing games!
3. Minimal back and forth consultations and a simple check-out process so you can get back to enjoying your engagement and spend more time doing important things - such as opening more champagne bottles.

But mainly, I am just so excited to share everything that I’ve learned over the years as a wedding planner and while flowering weddings, and all the things I will continue to find out with y'all in this journey. If there are any ways or anything you can think of that would help serve you better, please don’t be shy and contact me anytime! Until then, hope you enjoy the new website, it was definitely a labor of love and designed to make your wedding flower process as simple and easy as possible.

A quick shout out to my parents for their endless love and prayers, my besties Min and Yoo Jin for their infinite patience and unconditional support, and Chad - my pillar and lighthouse.. thank you for always helping me strive to be the best version of myself. Also, special thanks to all my industry colleagues making this next step possible and for urging me to follow my heart. Forever grateful to you.

Here's to simplifying your wedding flowers!

Cheers friends!